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Frequently Asked Questions


Early Match is a dedicated off-market and pre-market online platform allowing homeowners to receive offers from buyers directly and discreetly

Early Match connects property sellers and buyers who are thinking about selling or buying a Home at the same time without a real estate agent.

Early Match is the most advanced “matchmaker” in real estate for Buyers and Sellers who are not in a rush.

At Early Match, we don’t list properties online. We connect people.

Anyone looking to buy or sell a House / Townhouse / Unit / Land and who is not in a rush.

If you are thinking about selling your property in 6 months time or even next year, Early match helps you test the market in advance and then make an informed decision.

4 simple steps:

  • Register on (Home page)
  • Add your property features
  • Talk to Early Match Team (no lock-in contract)
  • Receive your matches

Early Match is also here to help by connecting you with property valuers, conveyancers, mortgage brokers, professional photographers.

This is normal. We are gathering Expression of Interests from multiple Buyers and Sellers. As soon as we have a Buyer / Seller matching your criteria, you will receive a notification or an email to connect you with potential matches. Testing the market is FREE of charge and a seller can connect with multiple buyers. In order to receive more match, the best way is to talk to us and organise a call so we can help you in your journey.

There are usually no middlemen between Buyers and Sellers on Early Match. We notify you when you get a match and you get connected. You have the possibility to directly contact as many Buyers and Sellers as you want. However, if you require a middleman, or any support in the process or maybe just someone to help you negotiate, Early Match can offer this service FREE of charge. Just send us an email at One of our qualified property specialists will be in contact with you and should be able to reply to all your queries in your process.

Being on the Early Match online platform is completely free of charge and you are not locked-in into a contract until you find your perfect match. Take your time and test the market first.


Yes of course. This is the Early Match concept. You can perfectly test the market now, 3 months to 2 years in advance and match with Buyers. You can decide when you want to sell in your own time, on your own terms.

Early Match property specialists team will be available to help after you register but you won’t be rushed into selling. There is no pressure to sell. We will just want to get in touch to help you understand how the platform works and how to get more matches as it is a new concept. The team just wants to make sure they have enough information to be able to match you with potential buyers. If you don’t want any help and want to do absolutely everything by yourself, this is perfectly fine too but it might take a bit more time for you to receive your matches as our team might miss some important details about your property.

You have the choice. You can decide to do the photos yourself and follow the guidelines of a property valuer or Early Match can help you with professional photography as well at an additional cost.

Yes. We have partnerships with the best in class Property Valuers and we can provide you with this service at an additional cost. If you have registered, we can offer you a discount on property valuation. Send us an email to get your discount when you register:

Yes of course, being on the Early Match platform doesn’t prevent you from seeing an agent. We recommend that you start with Early Match in your process as we are taking care of the pre- and off market. You will have more opportunities available to you and it is totally private.

You are not locked-in into any contract until you get a match and decide to meet with a Buyer. When you get your first match, we will require you to sign an agreement that will lock in 0.6% fees on the property selling price. This mutual agreement will have to be signed between Early Match and yourself, the Owner. You will only have to sign this agreement once no matter the number of matches you get through our online platform.

As a property owner, you will only pay a “success fee” of 0.8% on the selling price of the property (vs 2.2% average from traditional real estate agents). You will only have to pay this reduced fee at the end of the process, at the conveyancing step when your property is sold. Early Match charges a % on transaction and no upfront fee, no marketing fee. Optional services can also be contracted.

The fees will have to be paid at the end of the process when buyers and sellers agree on the purchase of a property.


Early Match takes care of the Pre and Off Market essentially which means properties that are not advertised as yet. Early Match specialises for Buyers who are not in a rush to buy and Sellers who are not in a rush to sell but who would like to have a look at an invisible market: properties that will sell from 3 to 18 months or more. With Early Match, you can take your time without pressure to buy or sell. You can choose your own timeframe.

On Early Match you can find all kinds of properties from a 1 bedroom to a large house with a swimming pool and other amenities. Just add all the features that you are looking for and you will be matched with your matching property(ies).

Early Match takes all your requests into account. The more details and information you provide us the better. We accept all your features and desires and will help find matches as close to your desires as possible.

Yes. We are in contact with a selected portfolio of mortgage brokers and we can share their contact details with you. We also run webinars where you can understand better what a mortgage broker can offer you.

Yes, we partner with best in class conveyancers, solicitors in NSW who can help in your buying process. Just send us an email on if you want to get in touch with a conveyancer.

Everything is free for Buyers. You don’t have any fees to pay.

We’re always here to help. To receive more information or if you have any queries, please contact Early Match via email on during business hours and one of our friendly team members will get in touch with you.

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