Our Vision

To become the first pre-market and off-market
matching service in real estate.

Early Match | Buy or sell your property easily

Our Mission

At Early Match we strongly believe that buying or selling a house, an apartment or land should be easy, transparent and stress free.
Early Match’s mission is to assist property buyers and sellers in managing their projects in their own time and on their own terms.

Our Values

At Early match, we breath by our values

Integrity - Early Match


We are real. Integrity is at the heart of all our actions.


We find new ways to make things better, easier and faster.

committed to delivering top notch service - Early Match

Commitment to customers

We are committed to delivering top notch service to our customers.

Early Match - Passion for real estate


As entrepreneurs, we are passionate about what we do and we want to share this passion with you.

Our Story

Early Match was created during a startup competition in 2019.

Stockland and the startup accelerator BlueChilli were looking for a technology project that was disrupting the property market. Early Match was selected as one of the most promising tech startups in real estate in Australia.

Together we have designed a solution that is helping to remove the recurring issues for buyers and sellers.

Expression of interests (EOI)

We have interviewed hundreds of buyers and sellers to analyse what is right and what is wrong with the traditional way to buy and sell a property in Australia.

We have listened to all the feedback and created a platform that will improve the way properties are bought and sold.


Early Match is a dedicated off-market and pre-market online platform allowing homeowners to receive offers from buyers directly and discreetly without the need of a real estate agent.


It is cheaper, easier and stress free.

Our Team

Ewan is passionate about entrepreneurship and innovation. He has built a number of  start-ups both in Australia and Europe and never runs out of ideas. He has founded an award winning Health Tech start-up in Australia and has been publicly endorsed by governmental bodies. With a background in Information System Engineering and experience in corporate and start-ups, Ewan’s passion and integrity has led him to create solutions dedicated to the customer. He has 2 kids and lives with his family in Sydney. He enjoys sailing, surfing and playing volleyball.

Diane is a sales and marketing professional who has been working for more than 15 years managing client and partner relationships in Australia and Europe. Passionate about entrepreneurship, ongoing learning and innovation, she enjoys working with Tech start-ups.
Her values are based on working on qualitative and innovative products that can help make a better and more enjoyable world. Diane loves a good challenge, is passionate about surfing, swimming and all outdoor activities. She is a member of the Queenscliff Boardriders surf club and swims regularly with the Bold and Beautiful crew in Manly.

Community Support

We support our community every time a buyer and seller makes a transaction. 

By joining the “pledge 1%” movement, Early Match will contribute 1% of its profit to non-profit organisations against homelessness and domestic violence.

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