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Register your Dream Home features and your timeframe whether you want to buy a 1 bedroom investment property or a 4 bedroom house with sea view. Don't forget to add any additional features to get matched.

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Book a time to speak with one of our property expert early. Whether you plan to buy in 3 months to 2 years time, Early Match is in charge of the off-market. These are properties not advertised online. So take your time to prepare your purchase.

3. Receive offers from Buyers

Learn about the buying process

Take your time to prepare your purchase. Wait to receive your matches and get help from our team understanding the buying process, get connected to mortgage brokers early, learn how to choose a conveyancer or a solicitor…

4. Sell your Home

Receive your matches

You are now ready to receive your matches. So, be as clear as possible when explaining what exactly you are looking for. As soon as you got a match, you will receive a notification by email. So, be ready!

Early Match makes the journey to buy your dream home easier

Stop paying extra fees.
Stop feeling additional pressure.
Take your time, don’t buy in a rush
Learn how to buy your Home off-market


Would you like to be connected to off-market sellers?

A large number of owners are thinking about selling their homes and property. Most of these sellers do not list their property online or start the process of looking for a buyer as they don’t want to get locked into a contract with a real estate agent and feel the constant pressure of making a decision.

Early Match allows homeowners to express their interest in selling while staying off-market.

For buyers, this is a golden opportunity to get matched early with sellers and discover opportunities which are not advertised online. This helps reduce the feeling of being overwhelmed to make on-the-spot decisions while empowering you with flexibility and independence. 

This reduces competition, additional agent pressure and fees while introducing you to a whole new portfolio of available properties waiting to be your dream home.

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