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Kitchen and Bathroom

Bathroom and Kitchen


Tips to renovate your Kitchen and Bathroom

Two rooms that you will make you the most profit

Dream kitchens and bathrooms are the most important rooms that can easily blow the biggest bucks when renovating. If your kitchen and bathrooms are looking tired and dated and you want to improve the presentation and resale value of your home, it is a good idea to focus on refurb and enhancing your kitchen and bathrooms, rather than a complete rebuild.   The last thing you want is a $50,000 – $70,000 bill on designer fit-outs before you sell.

When you are renovating for profit, the key is to keep costs down while still creating wow factor and this can be done in a few ways.  When it comes to what your buyers want, we will cover practical and effective tips for renovating these two important rooms.

These are often the most practical areas of a home. The kitchen is the space that is the focus of living, congregating, and preparing meals and the bathroom is one of the busiest areas of a home.  There are a number of options, depending on your level of experience, as well as major ways of saving substantial dollars.


Kitchen and Bathroom

Try first and DIY

If you have renovated before or are handy with a hammer, the do-it-yourself option is the most inexpensive way of making a big impact with minimal cost.  Flat pack options have come a long way (thanks to IKEA and Bunnings) offering plenty of professional advice and inspiration and making the process of installing a kitchen or bathroom very easy.  If you have the time, attend Bunnings’s weekend classes or there are plenty of online courses covering DIY renovations on these two areas.

Don’t forget, legally you will require a qualified electrician to install all your electricals including lighting and power points. We also recommend getting the bathroom  waterproofed and plumbed professionally, as these are the jobs that require expertise and can get costly if mistakes happen.  Everything else including tiling, installation of cupboards and vanities, can be done by yourself, still saving you thousands of dollars.

Our recommendation is to stick to neutral and simple designs so that you appeal to as many potential buyers, and the design is guaranteed not to date quickly.  All finishes and fixtures (cupboards, vanities, tapware, tiles, sinks, bath, mirror, shower etc.)  can be sourced directly from suppliers.  Often suppliers have a designer service available to offer free style advice and help with ensuring you have your measurements correct.  Many provide free samples of finishes so that you can take home and ensure you are comfortable with your choice before final purchase.

Some renovators have flipped several properties for profit,  and agree the installation from flat pack professionals was relatively easy, with instructions provided in simple to follow steps, as well as professional advice available in store or online if needed.

This option can cost as little as $3,000 – $10,000, depending on the finishes you choose and if you visit their websites, you will get some great ideas for inspiration as well as costs.

Money saving ideas

  1. Leave plumbing and electrical configuration where they currently are. Moving taps and power points in kitchens and bathrooms is a costly exercise and does not provide the return on the investment if you are selling. Best to leave the entire layout of kitchens and bathrooms the same for resale.
  2. Optional fittings and fixtures. Sure, stone benchtops in kitchens and bathrooms look amazing and brushed nickel tapware is incredible, but you won’t be enjoying it as soon as you sell. Compromise on finishings that are a fraction of the cost but still have that contemporary wow factor (such as timber benchtops with black or chrome fittings).
  3. If your internal cabinetry of your kitchen and bathroom cupboards is fine, consider either painting the doors or just replacing the doors and handles with new modern fittings. This could save you thousands on supplies and installation, yet still presents as new to potential buyers.
  4. Appliance’s date and can have a kitchen looking tired. With an abundance of brands available from retailers such as Bing Lee and Harvey Norman, you can freshen up your kitchen and pass on guaranteed warranties to a buyer, giving them peace of mind that the kitchen is in excellent working order.  Rather than brands such as SMEG and ILVE, option with Fisher & Paykel or Chef, which will provide large savings in your budget and more money in your pocket.
  5. Homewares are a great way of creating theatre and wow factor in your home for an affordable cost. Textured fluffy towels, aromatherapy candles, beautiful bubble bath bottles and a lush pot plant in the bathroom recreates the spa like atmosphere for total relaxation while cookbooks, flowers and stylish soap dispensers in the kitchen inspire the home cook. You want your buyer to be imagining themselves living in the home and for less than $200, you can create this visual inspiration by staging in a few new homewares.
Call in the professionals

If you lack design expertise, the confidence of installing key elements of a kitchen and bathroom – or are just overwhelmed with the thought of everything that has to be planned, we recommend the services of a professional.  An expert can help you with everything from designing, sourcing and managing all elements including trades people to ensure a quality installation that suits your budget.

Quality will show in the final presentation, so it is important to get it right as both the kitchen and bathroom will come under the most scrutiny with buyers.

Depending on your requirements such as size and quality of finishing, costs can vary from $20,000 to over $35,000 for a kitchen.  Retailers such as Freedom Kitchens or Kinsman offer free quotes and options of designer, value or budget kitchens, depending on what you want to spend..  It is best to source a local supplier through your online community pages as locals provide reviews, giving you the trust and confidence you need when it comes to installations.

For bathrooms, if you are looking for a national retailer to manage the entire process, Harvey Norman has partnered with Avante Bathrooms and offer the full range of service from concept and design to installation by professional tradespeople.  Be prepared to pay anywhere from $15,000 to over $30,000, depending on size and chosen finishes.

The biggest tip with kitchens and bathrooms is to already have a budget in mind on what you are willing to spend, otherwise unnecessary upgrades can easily blow the price out.  A good Design Consultant will be able to offer you alternative options to fit within your budget, without compromising on quality.  This can be achieved by swapping out expensive finishes (such marble benchtops) for finishes that achieve a similar look, but at a fraction of the cost (such as engineered stone or timber).

In our next blog, we will talk about easy home improvements and extensions that will make your home stand out

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